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US fashion designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger founded the Tommy Hilfiger corporation in 1984, and introduced his first line of menswear.  Known for his classic American style, and often featuring the red, white and blue of the American flag, Tommy Hilfiger’s sportswear and casualwear for men and women was embraced by a wide audience.

Hilfiger’s first scent, Tommy for Men, was introduced in 1995. Its female companion, Tommy Girl, was launched in 1996. Both scents are best-sellers and have inspired a long series of flankers. Fragrances continue to be an important component of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, and other fragrances, many of which capitalize on the brand’s “preppy” and “Americana” associations, have since been introduced.

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Tommy Hilfiger Eau De Toilette 200ml

EAN: 022548424865
£42.00£33.60You Save: £8.40 (20%)
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Tommy Hilfiger Eau De Toilette 50ml

EAN: 022548024317
£25.00£20.00You Save: £5.00 (20%)
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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Eau De Toilette 100ml

EAN: 022548024324
£32.00£25.60You Save: £6.40 (20%)
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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Eau De Toilette 200ml

EAN: 022548424872
£42.00£33.60You Save: £8.40 (20%)
42 Points