Finding the Best Spring Fragrances That Will Help You Blossom

Issey Miyake Pour Homme Solar Lavender Eau de Toilette Key Fragrance Notes

As the season turns, so does our attention towards new and exciting fragrances that perfectly capture the rejuvenating spirit of spring. In our guide to the best spring fragrances, join us as we uncover the notes that define this season, and explore an array of new fragrances perfect for any occasion. From fresh florals to zesty citruses, our guide will help you navigate the invigorating world of spring scents, so find the best fragrance to help you blossom this season.

Spring Perfumes for Women

Every year, the spring scent landscape is a vibrant tapestry of new and enduring perfumes, each capturing the sense of renewal and freshness that spring brings. So far, spring 2024 has not disappointed, as we explore the popular new fragrances for women that are already proving to be enduring favourites and fill our ‘New For Women’ range with the best that the season has to offer.

Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Solar Violet
Was £72.00 now £64.80

Issey Miyale LEau DIssey Solar Violet Eau de Toilette

A new favourite for 2024, this subtle floral perfume is inspired by the reawakening of nature during spring, creating a luminous encounter between violet and aquatic notes for a dreamy floral haze. The silky and delicate notes are intended to create a celebration of nature, and this intent is carried through the eco-conscious design of the scent and bottle, with 90% natural origin ingredients and 100% natural origin violet sourced responsibly in Egypt, so celebrate the sustainability of new life this spring with 10% off this delicious new perfume.

Chloe Nomade Nuit D’Eygpte
Was £95.00 now £76.95

Chloe Nomade Nuit d Egypte Eau de Parfum 50ml Pack Shot

For a similarly subtle yet symbolic addition to your collection, the Chloé Nomade Nuit d’Egypte Eau de Parfum is a modern homage to the world’s first perfume; the ancient kyphi. Featuring a range of notes not typically found in everyday scents, this parfum blends myrrh, cinnamon, and ginger with honeyed broom flower, cypriol, and opopanax, before revealing a heart of rich kyphi accord and Egyptian orange blossom absolute, rounded off with warm vanilla. Encased in a deep blue bottle made with 15% recycled glass, this fragrance embodies a journey through perfume’s extensive history, and is available today with a saving of 19%.

Lancome La Vie est Belle Rose Extraordinaire
Was £97.00 now £78.57

La Vie est Belle Rose Extraordinaire L'Eau de Parfum Florale

The newest spring offering from Lancôme is a luminous, dynamic fragrance that reimagines the distinctive beauty of the iconic Lancôme rose. Opening with zesty orange and subtle bergamot, the scent leads to a heart of rose water, before settling into a base of sandalwood, moss, and ambroxan, for a delicately balanced concoction that unfolds in the warmth of spring warmth like a blooming rose. This timeless fragrance is housed in a classic bottle, adorned with a sculpted rose and gradient pink wings with silver glitter, so pick up a bottle of this effortlessly feminine scent today for 19% off.

Spring Scents for Men

Spring offers the perfect opportunity for men to refresh their fragrance wardrobe, and as we explore the best new fragrances for men, we delve into a world where crisp, invigorating notes and zesty citruses meet the earthy warmth of the awakening season. Our collection is compiled of choice selections that tell the story of the season and celebrate the scents of spring, so discover the perfect balance of freshness and depth with our top picks.

Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Solar Lavender
Was £65.00 now £58.50

Issey Miyake Pour Homme Solar Lavender Eau de Toilette

Issey Miyake’s newest 2024 offering is a modern spicy-woody fragrance that epitomises the natural contrasts of spring. Capturing these moments – the first rays of sunshine, the brush of an invigorating breeze, and the splash of cool water on warm earth – and combining them with lavender and spicy notes creates a fresh twist and a warm, refreshing scent. Its sustainable design features a blue-violet bottle with a wooden cap, celebrating natural ingredients and environmental responsibility in a light-filled homage to spring’s renewal, so enjoy 10% off this new scent today.

Rabanne Phantom Intense
Was £105.00 now £85.05

Rabanne Phantom Intense Eau de Parfum

Phantom Intense, launched in 2024, is an intense, bold fragrance for men that ignites the senses and symbolises the transition from daylight to dusk. It’s designed for the audacious and enigmatic gentleman, igniting the senses with frosted orange blossom, lemon, and cardamom oil, leading to a heart of lavender and clary sage oils, with a touch of rum absolute for a mysterious edge. Housed in a robot-shaped bottle transitioning from matte black to electric blue, Phantom Intense is a tribute to fearless masculinity and the transformative energy of a city at nightfall, available today with a saving of 19%.

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Green Stravaganza
Was £90.00 now £72.90

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Green Stravaganza

Like a pure shot of coffee captured in a fragrance bottle, this rich and magnetic scent offers a bold and vibrant journey through the cool warmth of Rome’s gardens. With a heart of energising coffee accord, and warm, woody notes throughout, this scent offers a celebration of the natural energy and beauty of Rome, and encourages you to take its energy as your own, so embrace and express your personality in all its vibrant facets with 19% off this energetic fragrance.

The Best Spring Perfumes for 2024

With an array of captivating scents for the new season, now is the perfect time to enrich your collection with the perfect spring perfume to compliment your style and suit your spring calendar.

If our spring perfume picks have inspired you to shop for a new fragrance, don’t forget you can spread the cost with our range of buy now pay later options, or if you can’t find the spring perfume you are looking for in our list above, check out our full range of new scents here.